“See Ya Later” Foundation


Auburn, WA


Inspiring Youth – Encouraging Families


Nearly everyone has been affected by a medical crisis of some sort. Typically, disappointment, fear and discouragement settle on family and friends. Support from others is extremely important when dealing with a family member's medical issues. Regular activities and schedules and even jobs are sometimes set aside to take care of their unique needs. The "See Ya Later" Foundation seeks to create a hope and a future for our children. They encourage youth by offering a variety of day camps, annual college scholarships and provide support to families who are struggling with a medical crisis. The hope is through these events and opportunities, they will help make a difference in children and their families for years to come. 

Started in Oregon, the Foundation expanded in 2010 when a relative of Scotty's Brian Williams was designated the Washington Regional Events Coordinator. Brian brings the "See Ya Later" Foundation to this area to connect with kids and families through many events and outreach programs. As Brian says, "This Foundation has unlimited potential as long as we have the faith to believe and allow great things to happen." We are excited about SYL Washington and the amazing opportunities in store.

Read about the beginnings of the "See Ya Later" Foundation and where it has grown to be today on their website: www.seeyalater.org